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2021-2022 CSP Seminars/Events-Register here for single or multiple sessions

Spring 2022 Seminars; held via Zoom

  • *April 4, 9-10AM: Seminar with Colette Pichon Battle Topic: Climate Justice:  Colette Pichon Battle will discuss her work with the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy around developing an ambitious justice-based policy agendas that promote the goals of economic, racial, climate, and environmental justice, and particularly her collaborative work with others community-led organizations and conservation organizations in launching the Ocean Justice Forum, national Water Equity & Climate Resilience Caucus and the National Black Climate Agenda.(Note, she will be giving a Climate Justice talk that evening, co-sponsored by the Institute for Social Transformation, the People of Color Sustainability Collective and the Pepper-Giberson Endowed Chair)
  • April 12: Dr. Ari S. Friedlaender, Professor in Ocean Sciences & IMS Topic: Ari will share about his research in biotelemetry and behavioral ecology focused on marine megafauna.
  • April 19: CSP Seminar (closed CSP workshop)-Story Mapping Introduction
  • May 3: Nora Eddy, Associate Director, Oceans Program at The Nature Conservancy
  • May 17: Dr. Ana K. Spalding, Associate Professor of Marine and Coastal Policy, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University Topic: Governing the ocean: (Human dimension of) MPAs as a tool for conservation

CSP Capstone Research Symposium Featuring the Graduating Class (Virtual)

When: Monday, June 6 & Tuesday, June 7, 1-5pm

What: Come support the CSP graduating MS and PhD DE students as they present on their innovative Capstone and PhD Designated Emphasis work.

REGISTER HERE (register once and join both days)

2021-2022 MARINE Events

Check out upcoming events here.

MARINE (Monterey Area Research Institutions’ Network for Education) provides professional development opportunities to prepare future ocean leaders for interdisciplinary real world problem-solving. MARINE is a collaboration between The Center for Ocean Solutions and seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses.

Past Events:

Watch the 2021 Graduating Class Final Oral Presentations

Maxwell Azali Kodia
Coral reef conservation in changing climates and human populations

Abel Mkulama
Designing a Circular Economy Cooking Technology Startup in Lilongwe, Malawi: Preventing Deforestation and Household Air Pollution and Mitigating Climate Change

Tom Collinson
The Sea Cucumber Project Liberia: Building Thriving Fisheries With Coastal Communities
Libera’s Sea Cucumbers In A Pickle: Managing A New Fishery To Protect Ecosystems And Livelihoods

Ando Rabearisoa
Under What Conditions Can Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMA) Reduce Poverty in Madagascar?

Patrick Cage
Climate Democracy 2020: Quantifying and Amplifying Down-ballot Climate Campaigning in the 2020 Elections

Juan Carlos Jeri Vidal
Improving Human Welfare in the Peruvian Mahi Mahi Fishery

Siti Indriasari Galuh Sekar Arum
Building the Pathway to Scale Marine Conservation Projects (A Case Study of USAID SEA Project in West Papua Province, Indonesia)

Rafid Shidqi
Between Shark and Livelihoods: Informing Policies for Thresher Shark Conservation in Alor, Indonesia

Past CSP Seminars


  • October 4: Dr. Gina Ziervogel, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Geographical Science at University of Cape Town Topic – Building a systemic response to extreme events at the city-scale: Cape Town’s experience with drought and COVID-19
  • October 11: Dr. Carrie Pomeroy, Adjunct Professor, Coastal Science and Policy Program Topic – TBD
  • October 18: Sumathee (Sumi) Selvaraj, Environmental Justice Manager at California Coastal Commission Topic – Environmental Justice and the California Coast
  • *October 25, 9:00AM*: Dr. Alasdair Harris, Executive Director, Blue Ventures Topic – Rebuilding tropical fisheries with coastal communities – catalyzing locally led marine conservation
  • *November 1, 9:00AM*: Samantha Garwin, Market Innovation Strategist, GreenWave TopicBuilding markets and domestic supply chains for farmed seaweed
  • *November 8, 9:00AM*: Dr. Timothy Hawthorne, Founder of Citizen Science GIS and Associate Professor, University of Central Florida Topic – Highlight work of Citizen Science GIS and their engagements with a range of stakeholders
  • November 15: Faculty Panel- Dr. Katy Seto, Dr. Kristy Kroeker, & Dr. Mike Beck Learn about innovative work from two faculty members followed by round robin QA done in breakouts
  • November 29: Faculty Panel- Dr. Eric Palkovacs, Dr. Adina Payton, Dr. Chris Wilmers Learn about innovative work from three faculty members followed by round robin QA done in breakouts
  • January 10, 4-5PM: Faculty Panel-Dr. Mark Carr, Dr. Pete Raimondi, and Dr. Jeff Bury TopicLearn about innovative work from two faculty members followed by round robin QA done in breakouts
  • January 17: HOLIDAY – NO SEMINAR
  • *January 28, 11AM-Noon*: Dr. Diana Pietri, Blue Earth Consultants (a division of ERG) Topic – Leading on and developing the following report for Bloomberg Philanthropies. Press release here
  • January 31, 4-5PM: Faculty Panel– Dr. Gary Griggs, Dr. Karen Holl, and Dr. Kerstin Wasson TopicLearn about innovative work from two faculty members followed by round robin QA done in breakouts
  • February 7: Dr. Lida Teneva, Science Director, California Ocean Science Trust Topic – Science/Policy Interface and Innovative work of  Ocean Science Trust
  • February 14, 4-5PM: Faculty Panel-Dr. Madeleine Fairbairn and Dr. Michael Loik TopicLearn about innovative work from two faculty members followed by round robin QA done in breakouts
  • February 28: Dr. Yuwei Shi Topic -Impact Measurement and Management: Moving from Intention to Accountability and Integrity
  • March 7: James S. Hoyte Topic – A discussion centered around Jamie’s work helping to create the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and beginning the process of cleaning up Boston Harbor in the mid-1980s. In addition, discussing  challenges of enhancing diversity in the environmental professions, a key part of his work since leaving state government.


  • October 8 (Thursday, 1:25-3pm): Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Founder of Urban Ocean Lab, a think tank for the future of coastal cities, and founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, a consulting firm for conservation solutions
  • October 13: Faculty Panel–Get to know the Coastal Science & Policy Faculty-Dr. Erika Zavaleta, Dr. Pete Raimondi, and Dr. Borja Reguero
  • October 19: Dr. Xavier Basurto, Duke University **Seminar Cohosted with ENVS-12-1pm**; Topic- Intersection of subsistence fishing, food security and social justice in a global context (seminar information here)
  • October 27: Dr. Don Croll, Core Faculty in Coastal Science & Policy and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Topic- Seabird Conservation
  • November 3: Faculty Panel–Get to know the Coastal Science & Policy Faculty- Dr. Daniel Costa, Dr. Kristy Kroeker, and Dr. Chris Edwards
  • November 10: Dr. Katherine Seto, Core Faculty in Coastal Science & Policy and Environmental Studies
  • November 17: Faculty Panel–Get to know the Coastal Science & Policy Faculty-Dr. Eric Palkovacs, Dr. Adina Paytan, and Dr. Kerstin Wasson
  • November 30 (Monday, 3-3:45pm): Get to know the Coastal Science & Policy Faculty-Dr. Gary Griggs and Dr. Karen Holl
  • January 11: Radhika Malpani, Former Googler and entrepreneurial advisor
  • January 18: Shiyu Rachel Wang, Blue Pioneers Program Ast. Director
  • January 25: Justin Cummings, Mayor Santa Cruz and Founding Program Director, UCSC Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (linkedin)
  • February 1: Dr. Katerina Oskarsso, Chief Strategy Officer, RISE Resilience Innovations
  • February 8th: Dr. Lindsey Dillon, Affiliate Faculty in Coastal Science & Policy and Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • February 22: Stephanie Webb, UCSC Ph.D. Candidate; Topic-Geographies of Seafood: a mixed methods assessment of politics, commerce and agency in America’s small-scale commercial fisheries
  • March 1: Sarah G. Newkirk, Coastal Conservation Director, The Nature Conservancy California; Topic-TNC Coastal Resilience Work and Innovations
  • March 12: Dr. Tsegaye Nega, Professor, Carleton College (Innovation and Stove Project)
  • April 12: CSP Designated Emphasis Students Amanda Stoltz, Wendy Bragg, Ando Rabearisoa & Sara T. Gonzalez, TopicFindings from work with the City of Santa Cruz in CSP 245: Adaptation & Planning
  • April 19: Dr. Megan Kelso, NatureNet Science Postdoctoral Fellow Topic-Evaluating both the environmental and human wellbeing impacts of conservation and development projects w/ examples from Dr. Kelso and other’s work.
  • April 23 (*Friday 9:ooAM*):Ellen Shenette, Senior Manager, EDF Climate Corps ( Topic Learn about EDF’s Climate Corps program and how they are accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy by connecting, empowering and inspiring climate leaders. 
  • May 10: Dr. David Koweek, Ocean Visions and Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions Topic – Adventures in ocean solutions: the thrill and challenge of responding to the ocean’s most pressing problems
  • May 24: CSP Workshop-Navigating Policymaker Mindsets with Ben Young Landis and Gabby Nepomuceno PhD
  • June 10, 12:30-2PM: Elliott Hazen, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Associate Researcher & Assistant Adjunct Professor, IMS and EEB; Mark Carr, UCSC EEB and CSP Faculty; and additional guest Topic – Panel on CA Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) Performance and a Recent Climate Change Impacts Report


  • September 30: Gary Griggs (CSP Affiliate Faculty), Mike Beck and Borja Reguero (CSP Adjunct Faculty)
  • October 4: Cal Academies Screening of Expedition Reef w/Borja Reguero
  • October 11: Dr. Yuwei Shi, Professor,  Middlebury Institute of International Studies
  • October 21: Dr. Dan Costa, Dr. Kristy Kroeker, and Dr. Raphe Kudela speaking about their contributions to the IPCC report on oceans and climate
  • October 28: Dr. Adina Paytan, Research Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences, CSP Affiliate Faculty, UCSC, speaking about her biogeochemistry research and recent publication on corals surviving in lower pH waters
  • November 4: Dr. Max Henrion, CEO, Lumina Decision Systems, Inc.–From Controversy to Consensus: Decision Analysis of Decommissioning Offshore Oil Platforms
  • November 6th: Cards Against Catastrophe with Tiffany Wise-West (City of Santa Cruz)
  • November 18: Julie Packard (combined session with BIOE 165 Class)
  • November 25 (1:45 – 3:15pm): Dr. Erika Zavaleta (CSP Core Faculty) and Dr. Bernie Tershy (CSP Affiliate Faculty), UCSC
  • December 2 (4-5:30pm): Documentary Screening-Pacificum
  • January 6th: Pivot training, UCSC Office of Research
  • January 13: Dr. Elena Finkbeiner, Conservation International Center for Oceans
  • January 27: Dr. Mike Orbach, Professor of the Practice Emeritus of Marine Affairs and Policy at Duke University
  • January 28, Mark Massara, Sustainable Coastal Advocate
  • February 3: Rhett Butler, Founder Mongabay
  • February 10: Dr. Juliano Calil, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and Joel Hersch, Swan Dive Media (Topic: Coastal Innovations Connecting VR with Science Communication)
  • February 14: Dr. Hoyt Peckham, Director General, SmartFish
  • February 24: Dr. Austin Humphries, University of Rhode Island (Topic: Linkages of fisheries ecology, management, & nutrition in Kenya
  • March 30: Timothy McClanahan, Senior Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society (Topic: Democratizing Fisheries)
  • May 4: Stacy Jupiter, WCS Melanesia Director, 2019 MacArthur Fellow, and UCSC Alumnae (Topic: A systems approach to watershed management for health and well-being)
  • May 6: Speaker: Xiao Recio-Blanco,  Director, Ocean Program. Environmental Law Institute (Topic: Ocean Governance and Law)
  • May 11: DG Webster, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College (Topic: Beyond Panaceas in Global Fisheries (Article here)

For questions about the program, contact CSP staff at

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