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NOTE: Fall 2020 courses will use a combination of in-person and remote instruction to comply with campus COVID-19 response

The next generation of coastal science and policy leaders

Our coasts inspire and sustain us.

From redwoods and whales to chaparral and salmon, our coasts are a treasure of biodiversity and opportunity. They are also home to 40 percent of the world’s people. Here, dense human populations, valuable economic activities, a dynamic physical environment, and high ecological diversity converge, creating complex and increasingly vulnerable ecological and socially coupled systems. A healthy coastal zone is crucial to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, human health and well-being, and the economy.

Practical and effective solutions to challenges in coastal systems are badly needed, especially in a changing global environment. The Coastal Science and Policy Program at UC Santa Cruz trains future leaders to advance the sustainable use of coastal resources and conservation of coastal biodiversity, ecosystems, socio-economic integrity, and ecological services. In Monterey Bay and beyond, CSP researchers, students, and partners are working every day to ensure a sustainable future for all who rely on the coastal zone.

A message from Julie Packard

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