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What’s coming up next?

Mark Your Calendars

MARINE Fall Event, Crafting a Science Communication Toolkit, is officially live!
The event will be held via Zoom on Thursday, November 19th from 4-5:15pm.
Communicating the results of your research to a broader audience is an essential step in the scientific method. In this workshop, we’ll break down why scientists should develop SciComm skills and how to avoid the common pitfalls. We’ll offer strategies for communicating science on social media and in spoken presentations that will engage varied audiences. You’ll have the opportunity to apply these skills and network with fellow MARINE graduate students in breakout sessions.
We recognize that zoom fatigue is affecting us all, so we are trying to make the event as interactive and social as possible. We’re honored and very grateful that MBARI Science Communication and Content Manager, Susan von Thun, and MBARI Science Communication Fellow, Madison Pobis, will be leading the workshop and group discussion.

**DEADLINE EXTENDED! Due February 12, 2021**

MARINE Students Apply for the 2020-21 Synergy Grant

Read the Request for Proposals Here 


11th Annual MARINE Spring Colloquium!

Who: Ocean and watershed-interested graduate students and early career professionals

What: A day of sharing ideas with local leaders in coastal science and policy! We’ll have panels, grad talks, and networking


See the gallery below for photos from past MARINE events:

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